Rendering Rambles…

When video rendering takes forever to handle, what do you usually do? Me – I lean back in my chair, frowning and staring at my screen, wondering why it takes forever for a simple, short video to fully fix itself up. 

While I know there’s more to rendering then it “fixing itself up”, I do sit there and think of how I could make it go by faster. Do I update my computer to its max? Do I shut off the monitor and go about my evening? Or do I sleep off the six hour rendering in favour of dreams of it happening in minutes?

Alas, I’m fairly new to this video editing business. All I really know is that I don’t know nothing at all – which is sad, really. Perhaps in time I’ll discover and learn new methods to this madness…

Until then, I’ll groan when I realize my rendering is at 5% and cry when my computer shuts itself down from the work.

– Jesslyn “Marly” Buote ❤


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