Goals, Stories, and World Building.

Lately – and I mean lately as in since I started this blog! – I’ve been taking some creative time for myself and myself alone. Whenever I do that, I tend to create a lot of gift works (mostly because of how much fun it is!) and I start planning my own original works yet again. This is all relevant, because its something that hopefully I’ll be able to do for you all soon.

No no, not the gift art thing (maybe!), but the original works thing. Today, and I mean the day I’m writing this, I decided to throw out all of the world ideas I had for my main story series and just start again. Re-do it all, redo all my work from 2010. Why is that, you ask?

So it flows better for me, and so I’ll be able to create either a comic series for you guys OR a novel series. Two things I’ve wanted to do sense I started creating years and years and years ago.

Like…Ten, eleven years ago when I started taking this whole art and creativity thing “seriously”.

Yeah, that long ago.

I won’t give away everything I’m going to do, but I am going to be posting things like character ideas, rough drafts and perhaps even some random text blurps of things/confusing concepts that no one will be able to understand other than me and my father.

What I can give you now, however, is that my world – my life formation – is called “Asha“. Before you go “Why Asha? What does it mean?” it means nothing that I know of – it’s just two sounds I find pleasing when I say them (‘Ah’ and ‘Sha’). And what better way of creating a whole world then making it two sounds you like to say?

Asha is just…The world of which my three of my stories take place in. Its not that special, it’s just the world where they live in. The stories themselves aren’t going to be called “THE WORLD OF ASHA” or perhaps even mention it; its all being made so I know what’s happening at all times. Its just world building.

In fact, I bet half of the things I mention won’t get mention in full details in the stories it selves, and that doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

This blog entry has gotten off point;

Its one of my goals in life to be able to create a whole world, stories, comics, and tales and have people enjoy it. I don’t want to become famous, although that would be nice, but I do want people to enjoy my work.

And, if that happens, I think I’d be able to do anything.

Maybe I’ll do a better blog entry about my goals, but for now, I’ll see you guys later?

 – Jesslyn “I ramble too much about nothing” Buote ❤


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