Recently – recently being today – I created myself a lovely “goal” wall. Yeah, I know its “goal” and not “goals”, but I was running out of ink. My goal wall was created so I could easily just look to the side, smile, and re-realize what I wanted to do and what I want to become.

If you can’t tell from the featured image, they’re rather vague;
“Move to Texas”, “Create a comic”, “Speed Draw once a Week”. “Learn how to animate” and “Be Happy”.

They’re all, honestly, rather vague if you just took a glance to the wall. You’d wonder why I wanted to even do this to my wall! Its because it’ll help me in the long run of things.

Along with the goal wall, I also scribbled down some goals in my sketchbook;
“Work on anatomy”, “rough drafts for comic”, “Style improvement??”, “more full page drawings!”, “more practice sketches”, “more mistakes!”, “MORE MISTAKES!!”.

With my sketchbook, my “goals” are more generalized into what I want to see in the book itself. Since, hey, I want to myself grow and improve as an artist, and I want to see my own mistakes to learn from them.

Goals, to me, could be anything you want to see yourself do or complete in the future. They’re what you want to do!

So, I’m gonna keep on setting my goals, and work on them until I’m finished them.

– Jesslyn “Marly” Buote ❤


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