Where have I been?

I’ve been on/off these past few weeks, and with good reason – I’m busy.

Busy with what, you might ask? My day-job and my freelance work. Along with that, I’ve been trying to explore myself a bit more; who I am, what I am, why am I who I am…Abunch of things.

While I haven’t fully discovered who I am, I do know what I want to be and who that person is. I’m Jess “Marly”/”Felix” Buote, short, hyped up, shaking, and wanting to work in a creative space.

I’ve re-thought my goals, of what I want to do, and of how I’m going to do them. And I’m gonna REACH those goals, damnit. Even if I struggle or panic. Even IF I fail along the way.

I will work. I will improve. I will become who I am!

…I’ll also be doing my day-job, saving up money, grow as a person, and enjoy myself. Since, hey, I’m only alive now.

But seriously though; I’ve realized a lot. I’m excited and happy and overjoyed.

Expect more and more entries, work-in-progresses, and perhaps a domain name in the feature!

– Jess “Marly” Buote


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