Central Canada Comic Con 2015 + Cre8ive Supplies!

Central Canada Comic Con. C4. Comic Con. Comic book Convention.

I had a BLAST this weekend at C4. While I didn’t sell any prints (I’m too new at selling my own art sadly!), I did had a great time helping Cre8ive Supplies promote their store and sell their stock. I love, love, love their store – so it was an honour to just be able to help them out during the weekend, and be able to be their “offical” demonstration artist of the weekend.

Hell, thanks to them and C4, I was able to test out and now own a Copic Airbrush system, as well as learn new tactics, skills, and spark new ways of creating art – all during a three day period, eating behind a table, and just blahhering on to people about everything art related.

I not only got art supplies this weekend – I also got six, fairly large Pokemon plushies, a new glowly keyboard + mouse, and….Well, memories for a long, long, looonnngg time. ❤

C4 – Central Canada Comic Con, Cre8ive Supplies…

The two best things that happened to me this year, and I’m bloody thankful for it.


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