Digital Art – Initiation…?

Quick Doodle 300116

Although, I don’t think running away from the Grimm counts. Even more so carrying your partner. Lucian, you’re not good at this are you…?

It’s Taide and Lucian from my RWBY fan team. team TEAL! I finished their base-designs last night, so a couple of minutes later I decided to draw a full picture of two of them. Of course, it had to be something silly.

Mostly because I don’t have their weapons set in stone yet…

Who are the rest of team TEAL?

Team Teal

From left to right;
Taide Rivas, Elenoir Taupe, Aero Taupe, and Lucian.

Team TEAL is basically just for sillies and funies for me. I doubt anything serious will come with this lot.

Materials Used: Yiynova MSP19U+,
and Photoshop CC.


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