6 Hour Naps: Updates About Life

I’m at the point in my life where I either get 2 hours of sleep, or 9 hours with a 6 hour nap an hour later. No in between. No steady, solid sleep cycle. Just sleep – or the lack there of. I’ve never had a normal sleep schedule, but this becoming a bit ridiculous even to me.

It’s a bit funny though, since it seems to be following my current work/day job schedule. Whenever I work from 7 to 15, I sleep 9 hours a night, with a 6 hour nap on the last day of work. When I work from 15 to 23, I sleep 2 to 4 hours a night, with no naps and just pure determination of staying up and working.

I have no idea if this sleep schedule is a dream come true, or a nightmare, but I’m tired and creative a lot of the time – and it’s great.

Recently, I’ve been thinking of opening up a Patreon up for myself to make some extra cash and to be able to afford my supplies that I need. It might also help me when I move out, since it’ll be that extra bonus to keep on creating. However, I have no idea what the awards should be to give people the want to donate to me on a monthly basis.

I already do a raffle on the community side of Rooster Teeth’s site, so I don’t know if doing another monthly raffle would be a good thing – chances are, it might/will happen. If it does, it’ll be a black + white drawing, or a quick digital sketch/drawing in flats.

Other than that, I have no idea if people would donate to my Patreon if/when I make it. Chances are, it’ll be a future project for me; something for me to talk about with my friends/family/loved ones.

Other than that, I’m attempting to sketch out some comic pages for this project – something I’m scared of messing up. I’ve scripted out the pages already, but I feel like they’re rushed. I have no idea if I think that because I wrote them, or if they truly are rushed. I won’t know until I draw them fully, sadly, and show it off.

Even if they are rushed, I think I’ll still feel proud. Comics are hard to script out for me, and I’m always paranoid of messing them up. I know I need to get over that fear, since I won’t learn unless I do. And you need to do some pieces of crap before you get to the good stuff, right?

Make a few bad pieces to create a few good pieces.

I’ve also been getting body massages to help my stiff body and to stop it from cramping. With my body, my shoulders get rock-hard whenever I over work them. Whenever that happens, I can’t bring my arms over my head – I can’t move my shoulders around in a circle to loosen them, and I can’t bend down. With my lower back, it tends to cramp up too.

So, I go to massages. They usually keep my body loose enough to work for awhile until I need them again. However, my right arm (my drawing/creating arm!) as been tender to the touch. Like, when I get massaged or even touched by another person with slight pressure, it hurts and it makes me want to bring my arm back in protection.

I’m scared that it could be carpal tunnel. I hope it’s not, I would cry if it does.

I’ll let you all know in my twitter if it’s a CT or not, or in another update journal.

Well, I’ll see you guys in the next update!

– Marly Buote ❤


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