Draw One Member – Nerdgasmz!


Once a month, I draw a something for a member of the Rooster Teeth community.
This month, I drew nerdgasmz‘ RWBY OC – Sarcelle Sautrerelle!

While I didn’t have any ‘challenges’ with this month’s drawing, I do have one complaint…
I don’t have a lot of teals/blue-greens! How could I? I love teal/blue-green! This is something I need to fix for next month…
This month, I asked Lex (nerdgasmz!) some questions to get to know her better.

What do you do?

‘I’m an independent artist and 2D animator!’

What brings you to the community?

‘I’m not sure if you mean what my RT Gateway was BUT I started out as a fan of Rage Quit, and started watching RWBY in late 2013. Since then, I’ve been into RT’s other animated series and Achievement Hunter’s LPs. But my main fandom is RWBY!’

Anything you want to show off?

‘My lovely Patreon account!!, where you can support the works that I create so that I can make more animations and works for the RWBY community to enjoy, and support my original endeavors! (Even a dollar a month helps me out, because I make content almost daily!)
I also have deviantART and a Youtube channel where you can view lots of my work, tutorials, and processes!’

One thing that I thoroughly enjoy that Lex does is when she creates 3D models of her characters. While she is still learning, she’s making a lot of process for the how long she’s been doing it! She also has a really recognizable art-style, something that I’m trying to grasp myself!

Congrats, Lex, you’re one great-as-fuck artist.

Now, go support her on goshdang’d Patreon and support her work – I think she’s going places.

Supplies Used: HB Pencil, Pentel Pocket Brush Pen,
Spectrum Noir (in IB2).

Check out my Patreon!


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