Draw One Member – NothingReal


Once a month, I choose a member of the Rooster Teeth community to draw…

This month I drew NothingReal with their cat – in a very…Different way.

For once, I’ve did a drawing digitally! Hahaa! It’s rather rare for me to do things digitally, to be quite honest. I’m more of a traditional artist, but its fun to do things differently. Besides, I have a tablet; I better use it!

This month, I asked NothingReal some questions to get to know her better.

How did you find out about Rooster Teeth?

I found rt while browsing youtube. I was watching game fails mostly but what really set the hook was when I stumbled upon the mine craft let’s plays that was back when there were maybe ten episodes out.

What brought you to the community?

I decided to join the community as soon as I discovered it in a link someone had put in a comment after saying people were friendlier here.

What’s one thing we need to know about you?

One thing you might want to know about me is that I’m a writer and I’m always happy to give suggestions on other aspiring writers work.

Anything you want to show off? (Projects, favourite fanart/fanfiction, shameless self plug etc)

We’ll I’m pretty proud of my twitter. At times I can be damn well hilarious if I do say so myself. @wordsslinger if Ya want to follow.

Achievement Hunter or Funhaus?

Achievement hunter or funhaus… hardest question by far because I love them both so much!!! Ahhh. I guess AH if I must choose because they are the ones who brought me here in the first place 🙂

Any last comments?

Thanks so much for drawing me! ❤

That’s it for this month – I wanna thank NothingReal for letting me draw her and her cat, and I’ll post the journal for next month on the 9th!

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