What have I been doing? + Perfection Ramblings

Short version – I’ve been working on one comic page really slowly.

The long version? I’ve been having an art block on ONE POSE on ONE PAGE and I ended up giving up and making up a BS pose. This frustrated me, but hopefully I can fix it to make it work. It doesn’t help that I want to finish my sketchbook and start a new one – however, I don’t want to bullshit through it you know?

I have nine pages left in it, and at least two of them I used as colour swatches/pen/pencil renewal you know? Once I got upset over that dang pose, I just wanted to finish it.

I’ve also realized that I haven’t been using my sketchbook that much, I mean I use it for thumbnailing and sketching, but other than that I’ve haven’t been using it. I need to remind myself that a sketchbook can be used for everything; idea throwing, warm ups, sketching…

You’re ALLOWED to do mistakes in them. It’s not supposed to be prefect.

Perfection is something I struggle with, and something that all other artists do I bet. Hence why I got so upset over a pose on a page that’s suppose to take me three to four days tops.

My next sketchbook will either be a brown-tone sketchbook, or a mix-media one. I also need to find a “finished drawing” sketchbook so I can sketch in that too. Perhaps I’ll find it out later, who knows.

Now, it’s time to get back to work. Huzzah!


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