Ramblings – Assignments + Pokémon Go

Update ramblings time – buckle down, and get ready to read unnecessary details of my life!

Starting today – Monday, July 18th – I’m going to officially start my assignments from my teacher/mentor, Mr. C. Why am I calling him ‘Mr.C’? Because I don’t know if I’m allowed to say his name on my blog.

What’s my first assignment, you may ask? Draw one skull five hundred times. Well, five hundred to a thousand times. Most likely I’m going to need to do the thousand times, if I want to be a good student. It’s my first assignment, so of course it’ll be easy right?

I have a 30 second time to draw each skull. Gesture skull drawing,yeeah! I bought the skull and everything. His name is Tiny Skull Phil, and he’s so small. So, so small. He also costed so much, that he should help me out in my art struggles.

Once I get around a shit-ton of skull drawings, I’ll show my progress.

But, I don’t know how far I’ll get – due to Pokémon Go finally coming out to Canada. If you don’t know, I have severe social anxiety. I hate walking outside alone, since my mind screams that people are staring at me and judging me. But, since Pokémon Go came out yesterday, I went out and walked twice; which is a lot for me.

I even sorta met people who were playing Pokémon go – a couple of people on Team Mystic! They were at a Poké-Stop, where one of them put a lure and we sorta talked for a bit. They did said I should join Mystic, since I was level four at the time, but… Naw. Team Instinct. Zapdos is the best bird – beside Ho-Oh and Lugia of course, those two are a pair.

All in all, I’m assuming I’m going to be outside a lot more thanks to this mobile game, getting exercise for once.

Aside from my assignment(s) from Mr. C, and Pokémon Go, I am going to start working on my comic pages for Bwillett again – I took a small break to work on illustrations and what not – and I’m going to be working on my own scripts/thumbnails for my own comics soon.

Of course, my raffles are going to keep on (Draw One Member Rooster Teeth’s Community Site) and my Patreon posts.


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