Draw One Member – DrHairz


Once a month, I choose a member of the Rooster Teeth Community to draw…
This month, the lucky person is @DrHairz – someone who I thought I drew before, but didn’t.

(Who also looks great in a skirt I mean seriously bruh, I’m JEALOUS)

For this month, I did it digitally yet again – mostly for me to get used to using my tablet more often and to make sure the speed draw didn’t have my head in it. If you know me, you’d know I’m mostly a traditional artist. Love those fumes, man, love those fumes.

Anyway, like last month, I asked DrHairz some questions, and there are his answers;

What’s your name, what do you do, and what’s one unique thing about you?

My name is Derek R. Hair. For a living I currently work at Gamestop and a phone repair kiosk. A unique thing about me, I asked my friend Andres Xcalante for this and he replied, “You have a brilliant smile…and it’s genuine””

What brought you into Rooster Teeth and it’s Community?

In grade school a buddy of mine named Jacob Troy talked about Red vs Blue and how I would love it’s humor. I wasn’t into Halo because I had a Playstation so I kinda skipped out on it. One summer (end of season 5) I decided to check it out and binged watched it all on Youtube. Then looking into their RT shorts I feel in love with their humor.


What’s the main thing about the community do you enjoy the most?:

That we aren’t a community. We are a family. Whether you are just joining or have been here since the dawn of RT, we are a family. We are always there for each other when we need it 🙂


Funhaus or Achievement Hunter?

Oh Don’t make me chose between my loves.. crap… I’d have to go with…Funahaus


What current projects (that you can talk about) are you working on?

Well ones I can talk about are the RT Thank you project. Which I will release more info later in a more formal journal. And I am currently working on a podcast with some friends at home 😀


If money/time wasn’t an issue, what’s one thing you could do right now?

Working non stop on the RT Thank you project. I need to set a full day to get started but it’s hard with work in the way.


Final question; What would your dream job be if you worked at Rooster Teeth?

OH That’s hard. Being a writer would be cool. Help come up with the ideas for the show. OR even animating (even tho I have never done that ever but I wanna learn). So I guess writer it is 🙂

That’s all for this month – if you have any tips or suggestions for what I can do to improve this series I would greatly appreciate it!

Remember to check out DrHairz RT Thank You project once it’s released, and make sure to ask him about it!

Remember you can always help me by tipping to me or pledging to me on Patreon – those two means keep DoM alive!

Also, here’s the link to the speed draw!


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