Traditional Art – Book Reading


I had a lot of trouble with this – not for the sketching, colouring, or anything like that. I had issues with the fact that my brain was fighting me throughout this drawing. I had a lot of thoughts like “You shouldn’t have used water colours, you should have used -other medium-, you should have done this…”

You know, normal thoughts you get when you make things! But either way, I like this drawing. He looks relaxed, high up in his tree, with other people in the background…

This character is named Cadist, an elf who enjoys his alone time prefers life on the quieter side.

Media Used: Canson XL Watercolour Paper, 2H Staedtler, Reeves Watercolours, Primsacolor Premier Colour Pencils, FW Artist Acrylic Ink, and various coloured pens.


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