Central Canada Comic Con 2016!!

Next weekend, October 28th through 30th, I’m going to be at Central Canada Comic Con – or as we locals know it was, C4. I’m going to be working with Cre8ive Supplies & Services, as their official Copic Marker + Art Demonstrator. We’ll be at booth A100, bottom row in Artist Alley.

Also, due to how nice Cre8ive is to me (I love them, I have no idea how to repay them!), they’re going to allow me to sale some of my prints + stickers. So, if you want something from me, you can always pop on by. Or you can pop by for a nice conversation and a good ol’time + laugh.

What am I going to do this year at C4 other than chilling with the lovely folks at Cre8ive Supplies and the great local and non local artists? Meeting the one, the only, Meg Turney. She’s one of the many reasons why I’m going to be taking breaks + not going crazy due to ink and copic fumes. She is one of my major inspirations for creating, cosplay, and just…Being feminine yet still certain in yourself and your sexuality.

Other than talking to a cosplayer I admire, and demonstrating products…I’m going to be free and enjoying the convention.

And I would love love love to meet any of you!


Lets have a conversation!

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