Life Ramblings 14/11/16

Hello everyone!! It’s been a while since I’ve made a life ramblings for my site, so let me start things off with some good old C4 ramblings:

This year, like last year, I was with Cre8ive Supplies & Services. This year our booth was a bit (read: a lot) smaller than last years’, but we still had a grand old time there. This year, however, I had my own prints and stickers available for sale. I printed off 50 8×11 prints and 50 5×7 prints, along with 20 various stickers. I made at least 14 dollars this year…All off of stickers.

Val and Authur were great booth mates as always, and I joked about being a booth babe – even more so with the star staff I bought and swung about on day one. The folks beside use to my right were really nice too – I’m so glad they were able to sell so many buttons and prints of their own! I wished I picked up their business card though, so I can at least link you to them.

To whoever was booth A98/A99… Message me alright? I wanna write something for ya’ll on The Backyard Geeks!

Because I have left over prints and stickers, and I know how to make stickers and prints… I’ve opened up an online store. This leads into my next session of ramblings; I have an online store, holy cow! I’m new at this all, obviously, but I can’t wait to be able to ship out my first order!! If any of you want to see any thing at all you want as a print or a sticker that I’ve made/can make, just let me know.

Since, honestly, I’m willing to do it. Sticker making has been a blast for me since I got my Silhouette Portrait. That’s probably the best last minute 200 dollar purchase I’ve ever made ever.

…Yes, sadly, I am an impulse buyer. Who knew? Everyone knew. Everyone.

Also, as I’ve hinted at C4 oh-so-heavily, I’m making an webcomic finally! It’s a fan-comic, but it’s of one of the fandoms I can never really get out of – Dragon Age. The comic is called Dragon Age: ECHO and hopefully the first two chapters or so should be scripted out before the start of 2017…Where I’ll be making the pages.

Dragon Age: ECHO is going to be a story told through a Spirit of Myths and Tales, and their vague perhaps overly excitable way of telling a tale. Hopefully that doesn’t put you off, since dangit I’m really excited about this. If this goes well, I’ll have even more confidence to make my more personal projects into reality.

Also, thanks to the confidence of C4, my online store, and of making 14 whole dollars off of my own art… I’ve re-started my Patreon. While this time I’m not going to post all of my posts onto there like I did last time (which is why I think it stressed me out the first time) I am going to be posting the following there;

  • Draw One Member Work-In-Progresses

  • Near-Daily Sketchbook Doodles + Drawings

  • Thumbnails for Future Art Pieces

  • Free-To-Colour Line work

  • Early Access to Comic Pages

Of course, I might add and remove things as time goes on, and if you want to know which pledge gets what you can always check it out for yourself, but I’m fairly happy about this.

Before it was that ALL of my Behind the Scenes things were only posted to Patreon, which stressed me out and gave me less things to post on my website and other social media outlets.

So now, I’m going to try to narrow down certain things just for Patreon while everything else will be posted on my other social media thingies and do-das.

Now remember to have a great day, be happy little cotton-balls, and enjoy your day! ❤


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