Ramblings: Happy New Year! 2016 Personal Summary, 2017 Goals!?

2016 was a shite year. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of a good has happened to me in 2016 – but for the world in general, it was a shit year and oh we gotta do something about 2017 to make it better.

But what about me, personally…?

2016 was a good year.

For those who didn’t know, I made some “small” personal goals for myself all throughout the year. Some I didn’t hit, some I obviously wouldn’t be able to hit, others I got and reached. I sold things with my art on them this year at C4! Sure, it was all 1-dollar stickers, but I made 12 dollars; which was a whole confidence booster to me. I opened an online store. I’m made two chapters of a short story for Bwillet – an artist who I admired for years and years of my artistic life. I got myself an art mentor, someone who I can look up too and get “yelled at” for not doing my homework from. I’ve gotten better and better for sketching + creating art. I’ve tried different mediums. I’ve enjoyed my art more and more. I’ve met new friends, I’ve lost old friends, I’ve grown.

This year…Was a good year for me.

Sure, this year was horrible and sour – we’ve lost people, lots of great people – but it was a good year for me.

What do I want to do for next year? What will 2017 hold for me…? I don’t know. I only know my current goals;

  • Finish Chapter 1 of my Dragon Age fan-comic.
  • Write the script for chapter 2, and script for my original works.
  • Keep on creating.
  • Make my mentor proud.

Sure, I might more more and newer goals for this year like I always do; random goals I do to make to test myself, goals I make to see if I really can do it.

I’m exicted for the new year. Lets see what’ll happen.

– Jesslyn “Marly” Buote


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