Traditional Art -Late Night Meeting


The first, full finished illustration I made this year and it’s about Clio, Ucello, and the sky behind them…Sorta like last year, the first image I made last year was Clio in her room, getting ready with a bird Ucello.

So, I’m guessing this’ll be a yearly thing of me drawing them at the start of every year. ❤ Love them still!

This time around, I kept the markers I used in a spare basket, so I’m going to list them down with the supplies I’ve used!

(Note; This took too long, and I don’t remember using half of these colours.)

Materials Used: Copic Sepia  Multiliners, Copic Markers, Primsacolor Makers, and the Copic Airbrush System.

Copic Makers Used: 100 (Black), N8 (Neutral Grey), N6 (Neutral Grey), N4 (Neutral Grey), T7 (Toner Grey), T5 (Toner Grey), T3 (Toner Grey), T1 (Toner Grey), C4 (Cool Grey), C3 (Cool Grey), C2 (Cool Grey), C1 (Cool Grey), E15 (Dark Suntan), E35 (Chamois), E13 (Light Suntan), E55 (Light Camel), E11 (Barley Beige), E21 (Baby Skin Pink), E30 (Bisque), E00 (Skin White), R24 (Prawn), Y08 (Acid Yellow), Y02 (Canary Yellow), B06 (Peacock Blue),B04 (Tahitian Blue), B18 (Lapis Lazuli), B02 (Robin’s Egg Blue), B14 (Light Blue), B12 (Ice Blue), B41 (Powder Blue), B21 (Baby Blue), B01 (Mint Blue), B0000 (Pale Porcelain Blue).

Primsacolour Makers Used: PM-69 (Golden Rod), PM-18 (Yellow Ochre), PM-132 (Jasmine), PM-19 (Canary Yellow).

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