Dear Cre8ive Supplies,

Thank you for you the years of service and help that you’ve done for me, creatively and socially. As a store, you guys managed to most (if not all) of my pay happily, and you guys always seemed to know which tips and tricks I needed to do for my work or projects at the time.

I think it was late 2010 when I discovered you guys thanks to our friends at Central Canada Comic Con, and I adored you guys ever since. Val was the one I met at first, then Shawn, then Cindy. With all three of you, I’ve started to relaxed and grow more confident in myself and as an artist.

You guys, all three of you, managed to get me out of my gosh-dang’d shell, and allow myself to improve and show my work around with to people. If it wasn’t to Cre8ive Supplies, I think I would have stagnated by now.

It was a sad, sad day today when we visited down town. There was a lot of people there, but many of them were here for the reason I was; to wish you all good luck, to get the last few things we needed, and take another good look around and remember.

Cotton Canada will forever be ran by Cre8ive Supplies’ hard work for a long…Long time.

Thank you, Cre8ive Supplies.

Love, Marly Buote ❤


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