Ramblings – Marly is Who?

Recently, I’ve decided to start this whole blogging thing (again), so…Here we go! It’s been a while, so I should go about what’s been updated since now and then – since the start of the year.

I’ve finished the first chapter of my fan-comic, Dragon Age: Echo, and am inking the second chapter right now. Why does it take a few months for me to do chapters? Because I’m…Always uncertain about my writing and pacing when it comes to these things. DAE is my first actual chapter-based comic, other than the fan-work with Bwillett and her comic Midnight Menagerie, and I’m sorta worried about how things will go.

My writing and I often fight with one another, and are in a love-hate-relationship. So much so that as I ink chapter two, I’m realizing all of my little pacing mistakes and story mistakes I do – but I don’t want to change them!! It’s proof that I’m growing as an ARTIST and a WRITER man! I love showing that growth to myself and others!

Honestly, if you want to read DAE, I gotta warn you – there’s some heavily things implied (triggering things??), and there’ll be heavy things implied in the future chapters! Also, ack, off-putting, old art!! But old art is still good art. Here’s the link to Dragon Age: Echo, and please comment if you enjoy it.

Other than DAE, I’ve been at my day-job for 3 years now. While to be quite honest, I thought I’d find another job by now. I’m not complaining though, I’m rather privileged to have a job that pays well and that I can use to help my family, but it’s sorta odd how life doesn’t pan out like how I thought it would! To be honest, when I was in highschool, I thought I’d be a famous artist by twenty-one…

…Ha! Jokes on you, past me, you’re a Health Care Worker at twenty-three!

I’ve also learned things about myself, like how I’m not interested in men/masc.expressing people (so sorry!) and am feminine presenting in my gender-expression. You can take a guess on my gender too, note – I don’t see myself as a woman. There’s a lot of things I’ve learned and done so far this year, and it’s only been nine months in…!

There’s somethings that are still hard for me to grasp, like Tommy. I don’t think I’ll ever really grasp that one, honestly. I miss him, so much, and I wish the best for Sammy.

I think it’s time to close things off, thanks for reading if you did! Expect me to blog more than every 9 months.

– Jesslyn “Marly” Buote


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