Ramblings: Central Canada Comic Con!

This weekend (Oct.27th to Oct.29th ) is Central Canada Comic Con, or more commonly known as C4. And like every year, I’m volunteering from 7AM to 3PM. So, if you’re coming into the convention, say hi!! We could hang out after 3PM and what not.

The guests I’m interested in seeing this year is Sammy Castillo (of course!! I’ve missed Sammy!!), and Mike Toth (Animator who worked in Disney movies!). I also want to see Allison Mack (she played in Smallville, one of my many television crushes!) and Steve Blum (who voiced Guilmon in Digimon Tamers!!). So many things to see, and not enough energy!

C4 is always amazing, and I’m always so nervous/excited about it. I’m gonna make another blog entry with pictures, ramblings, and perhaps some video.

(Maybe I’ll draw something during the convention too, who knows, who knows…)


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