Ramblings – Central Canada Comic Con 2017!

C4 came and went, as usual. I’ve had a great-as-heck time, as usual!! This year I did a lot more work than I normally did – IE I was a volunteer who did a bit more work than I usually did before. 😅 Not that I mind, honestly, I enjoyed helping out on the convention that changed my life!  But boy, it was tiring.

While volunteering, I’ve talked and spoke too more people than I ever did in these last few convention years. Heck, in the last few years of my life man. I’m normally a shy, scared person who doesn’t want to talk to anyone I don’t know – but this year at C4 I’ve talked loudly, helped directed lines and controlled people in lines, and listened to other’s. Like holy dang man! Hollly dang!!

Other than that, it was over all…Wonderful. I met a new friend, I bought a new friend. So, without further ado…Here’s Clyde – my wonderful, new puppet:

Clyde was a buy I did on Saturday, and honestly, I saw him on Friday and needed to stop myself from buying him right then and there! I have no idea what I’m getting myself into – I haven’t even got a voice for him – but I can’t wait to use him more. I know I’m going to make silly videos with him soon, let me assure you that.
(I’m planning on letting him “help” us out this Halloween…)

The other friend I made was this dude named Chris. Met him during Friday morning’s set up period, and dang I’m hyped for a new friend!! Beside, if I can have a friend where I can call them crude-inducing nicknames the first ten minutes of meeting them…Friendship is bound to grow. 💕

Also, during this convention, I visited good ol’Sammy Castillo. I missed her, so much honestly. And I’m glad to see her smiling and being happy again, honestly. Sure, I don’t know what’s happening behind the convention scenes, but I’m glad she’s getting better. I really, really hope she’s feeling all of the love we all have for her.

Sammy also wrote some positive things for me to keep going in my sketch book (while I bought a print, of course!).

She made me read it out loud – including the quote from the almighty Tommy Castillo – which is something I’m sure he said. 🤣

Unlike what I said in my previous blog entry, I didn’t meet up with any of the other celebrities I wanted to see. I was just too busy, and when I did have time off I spent it going to vendors and resting my sore as heck legs and feet from working the previous eight hours. To me, helping make C4 the best convention it could be was worth more than me meeting the people I wanted to meet.

Hey, I might meet them next year or something, who knows!!

Also, I tried to take pictures of cosplays, people, etc…But I was too busy, haha. 😅 I wish I reminded myself to take more photos, but perhaps next event or next year

All-and-all, Central Canada Comic Con was a great as HECK!!


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