Ramblings – Getting the help I need + Stress Leave Pt.2

I’ve been going to my social worker (who’s also a therapist I do believe!), and we’ve managed to hit the point where I’ve been relieved upon going there. I finally told him about why I’ve been on work-leave, something I was too scared in telling him due to reasons. And…He understood why I needed to take the time off, and he told me they weren’t fire me for taking time off due to my health – since it is my health.

Honestly, I also think writing these things out helped a lot.

Other than…That…My lovely, lovely puppy, Shanna, passed on November 13th, this was probably the hardest thing I’ve needed to go through during my stress leave. She was one of my major anchors in my life, one of the few things I’ve kept close whenever I’ve been severely depressed and severely self-loathing. Because she was a major part of her life, my dad’s life…All of our lives, she’ll be really, really missed.

And honestly, I wished she was around more – I miss her growling at me to pay attention to her, I miss her licking the heck out of my ears, I miss her just running around the house and demanding all of our attention. I hope she’s in the animal-heaven, with our first dog, Mickey, and our two cats, CW and Buddy. I hope they’re all running around and playing with one another. 💗

I also got a new, other tablet! My Yiynova decided to off itself in an amazing fashion – not really, it off itself by refusing to even be used a tablet yet alone as a monitor. Good going, tablet. Good going.

So, I’ve bought a “cheap” Wacom pad tablet to use for now – and it might be permanent if I don’t find another good brand screen tablet…That’s not Wacom. Don’t get me wrong – Wacom is a great band! But, honestly, you’re only paying for the name at this point, especially when there’s other, cheaper, better brands out there that can get the job done without putting me into debt.

Until then, I’ll be using this pad-tablet and do my art the way I’ve been doing it for a while now!

I’ve also scripted Dragon Age:ECHO chapter 3, and I might even get it sketched out soon!! Who knows!! I’m really enjoying working on DAE, and even though it’s a fancomic, it’s a wonderful experience for me. I’m really, really loving it, and DAE is a good step into the webcomic world.

Who knows, perhaps we might get some original content soon…💗

Until next time…

Jesslyn “Marly” Buote


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