Traditional Art – An Annoyance in Training


Oh Brutus, even when you were a teenager, you needed to deal with “annoying” people – more so your own sister, who wanted to see how far you’d go in training with a “loud, pesky companion who won’t leave you alone in battle!”. 😆

Who knew how on-the-ball she’d be about your life-long companions, eh? It’s like she could predict the future or something, who knows.

Anyway, I apologize for if this looks a bit off on your screens everyone, you can trust me in that it looks better in person. I’m just having issues in editing my traditional drawings again into looking like how they do in person and now how off they look on screen.

A good mate of mine told me there’s a certain numbers when you do your levels in your editing program that can make it look almost like how it does in person, but I have no idea how to do that as of yet!

Anyway, these two are from Dragon Age: ECHO, my fancomic I’m working on to improve on my art and worth ethic.

Materials Used: Sepia Copic Multiliners, Copic Markers,
Primsacolor Markers, and a Uni-ball Signo White pen.


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