Traditional Art – Day of Satinalia!


Akina probably never experienced Satinalia/Feastday in it’s fullest, so I have a feeling when she gets the chance to celebrate it she’s going all out and making sure it’s a fun day for her.

Although I don’t know why she’d invite Cuán along, but it was probably out of goodness of “the Holiday Spirit” – and it was made really clear he shouldn’t…Do anything to her, on such a Holiday! Brutus, however, isn’t a Holiday person. He’s probably only doing this since the Warden (chilling dude who’s watching them) told him too. And you know you can’t say “No, f**k you” to a Warden.

Nutt is also trying to score with Autumn, which won’t work. Since Autumn is clearly meant for themself and themself alone god – no one else would please them.

Honestly though, it was a fight to figure out if I wanted to keep it like this with a few selective colours or fully colour it. Obviously, you can see which won – but it was a worthy battle! But the near-monochrome-esce colouring won it for me.

Materials Used: Sakura Mircon Multiliners,
and Copic Markers.


5 thoughts on “Traditional Art – Day of Satinalia!

    • Jesslyn "Marly" Buote says:

      It’s mostly a thing in the game series, Dragon Age. A thing you need to read in the game’s codex files + a DLC, but still a thing.
      (It’s like a Holiday where you just have a large party-type-deal and give each other gifts/pranks.)

      • Jesslyn "Marly" Buote says:

        Naw, fictional world things. If it was a real Holiday I’d explain it in better detail to not offend people!

      • Vyache says:

        The interesting this is that google auto corrected it and me think it was the pagan festival of Saturnalia.

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