Ramblings – A Whole Year (And Some) Later…

I wondered when I last posted a ramblings on my site..

Oh. That long ago. Well, I guess it’s time to do some proper updates, now isn’t it…?

Back in good old year of 2017, I was going through a lot of personal, work, and general just…Problems.
My work situation at the time was really stressful and worst than I’ve implied it to be in the past; my co-worker there (who has been fired a year after I left) was emotionally and mentally abusing and bullying me to the point where I was down right suicidal and in a pretty bad place in life.

I quit my job there in July 2018 soon after having a mental breakdown at my job, which lead to me applying to be a student at Red River College for not art but Electrical Engineering Technology...
You can guess how long I lasted there.

Not enough to get a degree, but enough to realize that Engineering wasn’t for me.

However, since then, I’ve moved out of my small, comfortable village – the home of the Backyard Geeks for so long – into a nice place in Winnipeg with an amazingly nice roommate; a dude named Tyler.
And since then, I’ve been…Pretty happy, really.

While job hunting – and sticking with – has been a bit difficult (it seems like spending three plus years as a homecare, five years plus of on-and-off graphic work, and six years plus of volunteer work doesn’t lead good for a resume!), I’ve been doing rather well living away from home and my family. In fact, I’d say I’ve grown more as a person out here than I have in our sleepy little village – which is saying something, in my opinion.

Other than those major life changing things, I’ve found myself happily nestled in a relationship with a man I’ve never thought I’d be with; and it’s the best thing on Earth to meet someone you adore and love so intently…
Perhaps I should just do a whole Ramblings on him (this is a joke, please do not take it seriously).

Regardless, this is all for this update. I’ve recently got a new scanner, so I should be able to get myself back into scanning my more “random” sketches and work again.

Much regards, and thanks for reading,
Jesslyn “Marly” Buote.


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