Commission Terms of Conditions+ Forum

Terms of Conditions:

Before commissioning Jesslyn “Marly” Buote (aka CottonCanada), please take a look through these terms and services for any questions you might have before filling out the forum.

Rights Of Work:

The image(s) you commission are yours to keep and use for whatever purpose (I.E online avatars, logos for your comics/company, anything!) under the following conditions:

  • The artist is allowed to post the image on their sites, including:,, tumblr, deviantART, and other art-related sites.
  • If anyone asks, refer back to the artist (Jesslyn “Marly” Buote or simply CottonCanada).
  • Said image(s) cannot be sold to a third party or another publishing company without consent from the artist – this can be talked through during the commission process.
    IF said image(s) are in a publication, a publication fee will be applied to the payment fee – to make sure everyone is getting rightfully paid.
  • Private Commissions – where you don’t want the artist to post it, is a mutual agreement. If the artist cannot post it online, you cannot either. You can, however, use said image(s) for other means – as long as it isn’t posted online.
  • People who did not commission the image – unless working for said company- cannot use them. You will get a cease and desist order.

Delivery Of Work:

  • Unless stated by the artist, all delivery dates are an estimated amount of time and therefore aren’t binding unless heavily confirmed by the artist in writing.
  • The artist isn’t responsible for any delays in delivery (including binding + agreed dates) due to events and stresses in said artists’ life, including:
        1. Unforeseeable technical issues.
        2. Unforeseeable medical problems, ie mental illness, lost or broken bones, sudden illness, etc.
        3. Sudden loss in family or home, let it be by nature’s doing or otherwise.
  • The delivery of said image(s) shall be given once final payment accepted and transferred.
        1. Depending on the medium, said delivery:
          • If Digital – will include the high resolution file(s), the .PSD file(s) along with lower resolution internet-ready files.
          • If Traditional – original image(s) will be shipped out to said client, along with original sketch(s).
            Should shipment be delayed for reasons which the artist is not responsible, the risks shall fall on the client.
  • A tracking number will be provided once the artwork(s) are shipped out.
  • In an event of cancellation, the original file(s) and image(s) will be kept by the artist in question. A penalty for cancellation is 15% of the contact price.


I accept payment through Paypal. After the thumbnailing and sketching progress, I’ll request the 50% payment. After the first payment, I’ll finish the commission. Once finished and approved, I’ll request the final 50% before delivery.

For smaller, single-image commissions, full payment will be requested after the thumbnail/sketch procress.

Under a bigger projects, payments can and will be negotiated.



Copic Marker Example SMALL





*Prices depend on the style of artwork and what mediums used. A background done with frisket and the Copic Airbrush System will cost more than a plain background, while a background lined and coloured in straight ink will cost more than an airbrushed one.





Digital Art Example SMALL




*A painterly digital drawing costs more than a cell-shaded drawing due to the amount of time it takes for rendering. Backgrounds are included for a painterly artwork. Celll-shaded artworks come with a transparent background or a simply made one.





**All prices can be negotiated within reason.

Commission Forum: