Digital Art – Clio Bust


I’m testing out CLIP STUDIO PAINT, and I don’t know how how I feel about this yet. But, I’m gonna keep on testing it out a bit more to see if I can use it for all of my digital work. ❤

I love Medibang, but I wanna see how CLIP STUDIO can do for me as an artist.

Media Used: CLIP STUDIO PAINT, and a Yiynova MSP19U+ Tablet


Digital Art – Pokémon BLUE


I coloured the Pokémon team sketch I did a few days ago since I just wanted too. It’s been a while since I’ve did a digital Pokémon drawing – I lovelovelove drawing my Pokémon teams whenever I have a team I adore.

I tried to take inspiration from my old Pokémon drawing of me and my SoulSilver main, Question the Frealigatr.

One of these days, I’m going to do a Nuzlocke and post it for ya’ll.

Media Used: Medibang Paint Pro, and a Yiynova MSP19U+ Tablet

Traditional Art – Solace


Uh…Cuán, I don’t think Autumn is a good person to get comfort from – she’s up to no good, honestly. In fact, I think she’s the last person you should go too — maybe go to your commander.

This was originally going to be a watercolour painting, but…Well, take a look at what me using masking fluid for the first time looks like:

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Concept Doodle – Kiki Janda.

060517 Kiki Conpect

I remembered that Emilia used to have a sister when I first made him, named Kiki. Her name was Kiki, since at the time his name was Kogo. I was so original.

So, I started to think of what IF Kiki was still around, and if her and Emilia had the same biological parents, what she’d look like. IDK if she’ll ever become “real” or anything, but it’s fun to think of if Emilia had another sibling, and his relationship with her.

I might doodle her more and just have fun with this idea omg.

Digital Art – Commander Cain Shepard


A (belated) birthday gift for one of my close + amazing friends, Fox. I love, love, love their characters and character designs, and they’re one of the main reasons why I keep on trying creating new and interesting characters. 💗

I swear, I’ve attempted to marry half of the character they’ve made – and they’ve made a lot.

I suggest checking out Fox’s facebook, Instagram, Tumblr if you like interesting characters and great pieces of art.

Media Used: Medibang Paint Pro, and a Yiynova MSP19U+ Tablet

Digital Art – Out of the Lake


While battling a serious sinus infection (yet again), I doodled a picture of my DnD babe, Alivia. I really love her, even if she doesn’t love herself (curse her races’ ideas of beauty!).

I used Photoshop Elements for this for once, just because I wanted to spite the idea of needing to get Photoshop CC to be a professional. Since you really don’t.

Supplies Used: Photoshop Elements, my Yiynova MSP19U+ Tablet.

Traditional Art – From the Dark


Once in a while, I use the good old “100 Theme” Challenge for prompts. That’s where my Purple Flowers’ illustration came from as well. For those who weren’t around in deviantART from the years 2008 to like 2010, the 100 Theme Challenge is basically a list of 100 prompts that you choose from. Normally, people do it in order, but I like to use a random number generator and get a number that way – more fun, way more random.

The prompt from this challenge that I got was “Dark” – which I drew up two concepts I really like from. I’ll get around to the second concept in a little bit.

In this illustration, I have Brutus and two one off-characters I drew once-upon-a-time, the elf and cleric unknown of the rouge hidden behind the trees….Or are they unaware? For all we know, the elf could very well know that Brutus is hidden, and is secretly wishing for his rescue!

Materials Used: Mircon Multiliners, Copic Markers, Primacolor Markers,
Winsor and Newton Pro Markers, and a Sakura White Gelly Roll.