Digital Art – Pets!


I need help in my life, I’ve fallen into furry-heck. Cotton needs all of the pets and cuddles.
(So I do, honestly.)

Media Used: Medibang Paint Pro, and a Yiynova MSP19U+ Tablet


Digital Art -Cotton the Bookmark


Digital art is hard, and I’m still trying to find my style in it. I really love the painterly style a lot of digital artist do – so I might do it more often.

Cotton the Bat is the best thing to draw when I try new things; they’re the best ever. Love my fursona. 💖

Media Used: Medibang Paint Pro, and a Yiynova MSP19U+ Tablet

Digital Art – A Rare Slumber


It’s rare for Niththal to fall asleep, even when he’s around people he trust. His experiences in the Gallows are to blame, obviously, but the rare chances he falls asleep are rare. Even more so when he falls asleep around Akina, even if he claims he never ever passed out in front of her.

Akina loves these moments, since it means he defiantly trusts her to fall asleep…

Media Used: Medibang Paint Pro,
and my Yiynova MSP19U+ Tablet

Traditional Art – Purple Flowers


All I wanted to do was draw Leah holding pretty purple flowers. I also wanted to do more watercolour work, which is something I love using more and more.  Its right up there with my markers, and I’m a marker slut. 

Leah loves flowers, she loves all things nature-y and she’d defiantly be a Earth or flora related mage. Using the Earth she loves to help and protect her and her loved ones. ❤

Media Used: Cason XL Watercolour Paper, 2H Staedtler Pencil, Reeves Watercolours,
and Prima watercolours.