Digital Sketch – Affini-Sala Family


From left to right; Clio Affini, Amata (Affini) Sala, Lelio Sala, ??? Affini


Comic Art is fulfilling.

Recently I’ve been working on (more) comic pages for a short story for Bwillett, and I’ve realized how goshdang’d fulfilling comic making is for me. It takes me a few days to make a page, sure, but I adore it so goshdang much.

The way of making panels tell a story with art, the way of making each panel (sorta!) unique…Gosh!! I seriously can’t taking Bwillett enough for allowing me this opportunity to make comics for her; it’s a lovely experience thus far.

Guest Comic on MidNight Menagerie!

During January – February of this year, I made a six-page mini-comic for Bwillett! While I am making another mini-comic for them, I gotta say – I’m proud of myself. I’ve never made a comic before, nor talk myself through a project like this.

So, go check it out on Bwillett’s site – and perhaps read some of their other comics.

I seriously recommend Bwillett’s work, I’ve been following them since I was around 10 years old…So it’ll mean a lot to me if you do.