Digital Art – Clio Bust


I’m testing out CLIP STUDIO PAINT, and I don’t know how how I feel about this yet. But, I’m gonna keep on testing it out a bit more to see if I can use it for all of my digital work. ❤

I love Medibang, but I wanna see how CLIP STUDIO can do for me as an artist.

Media Used: CLIP STUDIO PAINT, and a Yiynova MSP19U+ Tablet




Julia Star is Cotton Canada in a sense. Or, she’s the person I like to portray AS Cotton Canada’s “avatar” in a sense. I love her so much, my space baby.

Supplies Used: Medibang Paint Pro, and my Yiynova MSP19U+ Tablet

Digital Art – Murnii and Egg

Thank you WaterMarker

Materials Used: FireAlpaca, and a Genius Tablet

A “Thank you!” drawing I quickly did for GrossGoat on deviantART! I seem to be doing a lot gift work as of late, but hey; I like giving people things. This is two of their characters, Murnii and Egg!

Thanks to this drawing, I learned that I really need to work on my animals, perspective, and making cross eyes look good.

I seem to also be a on a FireAlpaca kick lately, who knew.