Digital Art – Draw the Squad


You know those “Draw the Squad” art prompts/references that are going around on tumblr and what not? Decided to do one to help myself get semi-comfortable with digital art. 💗

To be honest, Akina wouldn’t physically touch Cuán without wincing and shirking up in fear…So lets pretend this is an Akina who’s able to do so. 😅

The original image/prompt is by croxovergoddess! Check out their tumblr page, their art is pretty good tbh, and I’m glad they’re not just the “Draw the Squad” artist.

These three are from my fan-comic, Dragon Age: ECHO.

Media Used: CLIP STUDIO PAINT, and a Yiynova MSP19U+ Tablet


Doodles – Knox Siblings


Unlike the Lithos siblings, the Knox don’t really get along. I mean, Lydia finds it to be amusing that her little brother is pissed, so you know.

Digital Art – A Spirit’s Solace.


Gift art for my long-term friend, foxoftheglade on tumblr! Or, as I know her as, Abby. Nicknames, oh boy.

This picture took me a while for two things; it started off as a digital painting, hence the painted spirit-nature-being, but then I…Didn’t want to do that. So, I lined the other person, and shaded him differently for the heck of it.

It gives the spirit more of a spirit-y feel, honestly, and it’s sorta cool!

Digital painting is still so new to me, so doing it in small ways should be able to help me eaaasseeee into it.

Media Used: Medibang Pro, Photoshop Elements,
and my Yiynova MSP19U+ tablet.