Traditional Art – Day of Satinalia!


Akina probably never experienced Satinalia/Feastday in it’s fullest, so I have a feeling when she gets the chance to celebrate it she’s going all out and making sure it’s a fun day for her.

Although I don’t know why she’d invite Cuán along, but it was probably out of goodness of “the Holiday Spirit” – and it was made really clear he shouldn’t…Do anything to her, on such a Holiday! Brutus, however, isn’t a Holiday person. He’s probably only doing this since the Warden (chilling dude who’s watching them) told him too. And you know you can’t say “No, f**k you” to a Warden.

Nutt is also trying to score with Autumn, which won’t work. Since Autumn is clearly meant for themself and themself alone god – no one else would please them.

Honestly though, it was a fight to figure out if I wanted to keep it like this with a few selective colours or fully colour it. Obviously, you can see which won – but it was a worthy battle! But the near-monochrome-esce colouring won it for me.

Materials Used: Sakura Mircon Multiliners,
and Copic Markers.


Traditional Art – Cleaning Glory


It was a rare morning at home, resting with his scattered flower bushes and daughter resting in bed. He enjoyed days like these, alone with his Glory.

This was going to be a watercolour piece (as usual!), but I realized I should practice more with it. My watercolour work is usually a muddy mess, so I need to practice it so it doesn’t look horrid. Goal for 2018? Who knows!

With this drawing though – and the last Copic drawing I did – is that I need to find a way to blend and add other interesting shading to do it. Cuán himself turned good…Until I did his pants, which didn’t gave that light purple-shading I wanted. Again, more practice!

Cuán is from my webcomic Dragon Age: ECHO!!

Materials Used: Lavender Copic Multiliners, Copic Markers,
Primsacolor Markers, and a Uni-ball Signo White pen.

Traditional Art – Solace


Uh…Cuán, I don’t think Autumn is a good person to get comfort from – she’s up to no good, honestly. In fact, I think she’s the last person you should go too — maybe go to your commander.

This was originally going to be a watercolour painting, but…Well, take a look at what me using masking fluid for the first time looks like:

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Digital Art – A Spirit’s Solace.


Gift art for my long-term friend, foxoftheglade on tumblr! Or, as I know her as, Abby. Nicknames, oh boy.

This picture took me a while for two things; it started off as a digital painting, hence the painted spirit-nature-being, but then I…Didn’t want to do that. So, I lined the other person, and shaded him differently for the heck of it.

It gives the spirit more of a spirit-y feel, honestly, and it’s sorta cool!

Digital painting is still so new to me, so doing it in small ways should be able to help me eaaasseeee into it.

Media Used: Medibang Pro, Photoshop Elements,
and my Yiynova MSP19U+ tablet.

Traditional Art – Magic + Comfort


Okay, look, I know on Patreon I said I wouldn’t name it what it’s named — but, hey, it stuck, and I have no idea what else to name it.

It’s Akina and Niththal! Two of my Dragon Age fan-characters, both Circle Mages. Niththal is 6 years older than Akina, so he gains a sorta brotherly-like relationship for her.

…At least, for the first few years of their time together, they later become lovers before Akina was drafted by the Grey Wardens. Their romance was short lived, for sure. (And sorta one-sided, but– )

Supplies Used: Primsacolor Primier Coloured Pencils,
and Stratmore 400 Series Bristol paper.

Arrow to the Neck

Arrow to the neck copy

She knew how she would die.
But she didn’t know who’ll it would be from.
And of how betrayal tastes like mixed with blood.

In all honesty, I just wanted to draw Akina again. Didn’t know I would draw her with an arrow through her neck and with a messed up hand!
Goal for this year is to learn how to properly hand, since dang, I’m getting annoyed.

I’ve also been playing A LOT of Dragon Age: Origins lately, so…

Materials Used: Primsacolour Col-Erase (Carmine Red), and
Pentel Pocket Brush Pen.