Digital Art – Old friends, new looks.

Happy Birthday, Michie!! I know this is about four days early, but I just…Couldn’t wait in posting it to be honest! And besides, I wanted to draw our first two characters, hanging out again in their new looks, new lives…New everything, to be honest! 😅

Luugs (once named Lugiuy oh GOD) and Luna were the first characters we roleplay with together, and the first two characters who really INTRODUCED us together as friends~! It’s amazing, honestly, how being in the good old “roleplaying character” community introduced a long-as-heck friendship!!
One of three long-term friendships that roleplaying gave me honestly. 💖

Honestly, if Luugs and Luna were to meet now, Luugs would be floored by Luna’s doll-like-appearance, and be smitten. “Oh gosh, you look so beautiful!!” I wonder how the two’s dynamic would change after all these years…

Lyubov “Luna” Ludmila belongs to Michelle Porter, AKA TwistedDisaster!
Yujin “Luugs” Gozen belongs to me, Marly Buote, AKA CottonCanada.

Media Used: CLIP STUDIO PAINT, and a Wacom Intuos Pro


Digital Art – Commander Cain Shepard


A (belated) birthday gift for one of my close + amazing friends, Fox. I love, love, love their characters and character designs, and they’re one of the main reasons why I keep on trying creating new and interesting characters. 💗

I swear, I’ve attempted to marry half of the character they’ve made – and they’ve made a lot.

I suggest checking out Fox’s facebook, Instagram, Tumblr if you like interesting characters and great pieces of art.

Media Used: Medibang Paint Pro, and a Yiynova MSP19U+ Tablet

Digital Art – A Spirit’s Solace.


Gift art for my long-term friend, foxoftheglade on tumblr! Or, as I know her as, Abby. Nicknames, oh boy.

This picture took me a while for two things; it started off as a digital painting, hence the painted spirit-nature-being, but then I…Didn’t want to do that. So, I lined the other person, and shaded him differently for the heck of it.

It gives the spirit more of a spirit-y feel, honestly, and it’s sorta cool!

Digital painting is still so new to me, so doing it in small ways should be able to help me eaaasseeee into it.

Media Used: Medibang Pro, Photoshop Elements,
and my Yiynova MSP19U+ tablet.

Digital Art – Murnii and Egg

Thank you WaterMarker

Materials Used: FireAlpaca, and a Genius Tablet

A “Thank you!” drawing I quickly did for GrossGoat on deviantART! I seem to be doing a lot gift work as of late, but hey; I like giving people things. This is two of their characters, Murnii and Egg!

Thanks to this drawing, I learned that I really need to work on my animals, perspective, and making cross eyes look good.

I seem to also be a on a FireAlpaca kick lately, who knew.

Digital Art – ❝An Unorthodox Meeting❞

Re Draw Clio Meeting Tetsu2

Gift artwork for my friend, Michelle – AKA TwistedDisaster on deviantART!
Its of our two characters; (from left to right) Tetsu, who belongs to Michelle, and Clio, who belongs to me.

In their own respected stories, they would never be able to meet up with one another, but perhaps in an AU they would be able too – if not for a brief moment.

This is also a re-drawing of this really old picture I drew in 2011 of the same characters.

Materials Used: Photoshop Elements, Firealpaca and a Genius Tablet.

Short paragraph story-esce writing under cut. Continue reading