Digital Art – Clio Bust


I’m testing out CLIP STUDIO PAINT, and I don’t know how how I feel about this yet. But, I’m gonna keep on testing it out a bit more to see if I can use it for all of my digital work. ❤

I love Medibang, but I wanna see how CLIP STUDIO can do for me as an artist.

Media Used: CLIP STUDIO PAINT, and a Yiynova MSP19U+ Tablet


Traditional Art – Purple Flowers


All I wanted to do was draw Leah holding pretty purple flowers. I also wanted to do more watercolour work, which is something I love using more and more.  Its right up there with my markers, and I’m a marker slut. 

Leah loves flowers, she loves all things nature-y and she’d defiantly be a Earth or flora related mage. Using the Earth she loves to help and protect her and her loved ones. ❤

Media Used: Cason XL Watercolour Paper, 2H Staedtler Pencil, Reeves Watercolours,
and Prima watercolours.

Parteon Sketch


Did you know if you pledge to me on Parteon you’ll see the random sketches I do and don’t show anyone else?

Did you also know if you pledge 15 or 25 dollars, you’ll be entered in a raffle! For 15 dollars, you’d be able to win a black + white drawing. For 25, you’ll be able to win a coloured drawing.

Sounds pretty neat, if you ask me.

Traditional Art – Mailas’ and their Humans

img20160312 watermark

While most seen it as oppressive to them – for they are smart, conscious creatures – Mailas’ need companionship to be able to keep their animal-like instincts in place. Although many Mailas disagree with this, there are a few who enjoy the domestication.

 Ayyyooo! I wanted to draw Reyes and Clive together! Reyes is – in many of ways – Clive’s ‘owner’. They makes sure Clive doesn’t get too upset over small, simple things. For Reyes they gets grounded and “humaning: as they claims.

Materials Used: Sakura Mircon Pens, Copic Markers,
and a White Gelly Roll Pen.

Cotton Canada’s Mascot!

Julia CottonCanada watermark

I’ve posted pictures of her before, but say hey to Julia everyone! My ‘Mascot’ in a sense, but not ‘persona’, if that makes sense.
So, expect a lot more pictures of little miss Julia – she’s gonna be around for a while, promoing my work.

She better, gosh dangit.

Materials Used: Yiynova MSP19U+,
and Photoshop CC.

Tradtional Art – An Unwanted Surprise

Corss Hatching Clio mnj WaterMark

Materials Used: STAEDTLER 2H Lead Pencil, and a Profile Ballpoint Pen.

I wanted to re-draw this very, very old drawing I did back around 2010/2011. Why, you ask? I just wanted to use a ballpoint pen again!

To be honest, I have no idea why she’s even all “GASP!?”. I’m assuming something big happened, say one of the people she thought could never be injured badly gets injured badly…Who knows.

Younger me probably knows.

Original Characters – Modern Day Personalities


Materials Used: STAEDTLER 2H Lead Pencil, Copic Mulitliners,
Copic Markers, Primsacolor Markers, and a Sakura White Gellyroll Pen.

No, seriously; at times, I just need to see how my characters would wind up if they were in our time, and of how they’d interact with one another… Its honestly really, really fun to imagine, even more so when I’m in a blockage for ideas!

Digital Art – No, stop. You’re a GROWN MAN!


Materials Used: FireAlpaca, and a Genius Tablet

These two are the best of friends, spending most of their lives with one another and snickering over the same things…

But, seriously, if you’re a grown dog-animal-human-hybrid, and you have the mental capacity to think for yourself, ask questions, and talk…? You don’t need to wag your butt and tail and be a dog for attention.