Traditional Art – Casual Conversation


Akina and The Warden, Krutis Amell. Why haven’t ya’ll seen many drawings of Krutis…? Well, he’s usually appearing in the comic more so than illustrations, so if you want to see more of him – go to Dragon Age: ECHO‘s site.

One thing I love about Krutis and Akina, they have a mostly-green clothing/colour palette with warmer skin + hair colours. I have no idea why that’s so fascinating to me, but it just is. It doesn’t help that Brutus has mostly a blue colour scheme and Cuán mostly has a red scheme…

Materials Used: Sepia Copic Multiliners, Copic Markers,
Primsacolor Markers, and a Uni-ball Signo White pen.


Original Characters – Modern Day Personalities


Materials Used: STAEDTLER 2H Lead Pencil, Copic Mulitliners,
Copic Markers, Primsacolor Markers, and a Sakura White Gellyroll Pen.

No, seriously; at times, I just need to see how my characters would wind up if they were in our time, and of how they’d interact with one another… Its honestly really, really fun to imagine, even more so when I’m in a blockage for ideas!

❝Rebound❞ – Belated Birthday Present.

Birthday Gift Rebound2

These two are just two roleplaying characters me and my friend Lizzie use way too much (along with their kids, and their husbands, and…everything). And since we use them way too much, we have a lot of story lines where they’re in a relationship with one another (totally ignoring the husband and kids thing), so that’s where this picture comes in along with the unfinished roleplay it takes place in.

One day, these roleplays will add up to be something great.

Materials Used: STAEDTLER 2H Lead Pencil, Copic Mulitliners,
Copic Markers, Primsacolour Markers
and , Sakura Gelly Roll Pen White.