Sketch – The Twins


I’ve decided that I’m going to TRY to scan more of my sketches instead of taking photos of them with my phone like how I usually do – I dunno how long this’ll last, but hey – it might happen!

I’m mostly only scanning this since I might ruin the sketch while inking, since I have an ability to do that when I’m using the materials I’m going to use…

Materials Used: A Red Col-Erase.


Sketch – Pokémon BLUE Team

300517 PKMN Trainer BLUE

I’m at the midway point in my Pokémon BLUE game, so I decided to sketch out my team. This might be a fully coloured piece soon, since I love Pokémon. ❤

Digital Sketch – Reyes


At 3 in the morning, I decided to sketch out a possible bookmark of one of my characters, Reyes.

This looks nothing like Reyes.

So the moral of the story is; keep your character sheets on hand when you’re sketching at 3 in the morning.

Parteon Sketch


Did you know if you pledge to me on Parteon you’ll see the random sketches I do and don’t show anyone else?

Did you also know if you pledge 15 or 25 dollars, you’ll be entered in a raffle! For 15 dollars, you’d be able to win a black + white drawing. For 25, you’ll be able to win a coloured drawing.

Sounds pretty neat, if you ask me.

Sketch -Witchsona!

For Internet

I might be a week late to witchsona week, but I wanted to sketch it out!

…Turns out, I’d be a magical girl though, who knew.
I did. I knew.

Materials Used: Sketcher Non-Photoblue Pencil, and
Pentel Pocket Brush Pen.

Work In Progress – ❝Game Of…??❞


To be honest; the title is not permanent. I have no idea what to call this other than ‘Game Of Cows’ or ‘Game of…??’, so I went with the one that makes the most sense to me.

This is honestly just supposed to be a doodle in the end of the day – if it gets be on that point, chances are I’ll use my inks and water colours to make work.

(Yeah, I have a whole idea if this ever makes it pass the ‘I don’t know if this’ll make sense’ stages…)