Traditional Art – Purple Flowers


All I wanted to do was draw Leah holding pretty purple flowers. I also wanted to do more watercolour work, which is something I love using more and more.  Its right up there with my markers, and I’m a marker slut. 

Leah loves flowers, she loves all things nature-y and she’d defiantly be a Earth or flora related mage. Using the Earth she loves to help and protect her and her loved ones. ❤

Media Used: Cason XL Watercolour Paper, 2H Staedtler Pencil, Reeves Watercolours,
and Prima watercolours.


Traditional Art – The Illusionist Crew


“There’s a section of the Grand Illusion which specializes in casting illusions and spectacular events for the Circus’ guests. It was this section that Emilia felt drawn to the most — even his young talents, he’d fit in quite well…”
– Harold’s Notes on Emilia

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Traditional Art – Magic + Comfort


Okay, look, I know on Patreon I said I wouldn’t name it what it’s named — but, hey, it stuck, and I have no idea what else to name it.

It’s Akina and Niththal! Two of my Dragon Age fan-characters, both Circle Mages. Niththal is 6 years older than Akina, so he gains a sorta brotherly-like relationship for her.

…At least, for the first few years of their time together, they later become lovers before Akina was drafted by the Grey Wardens. Their romance was short lived, for sure. (And sorta one-sided, but– )

Supplies Used: Primsacolor Primier Coloured Pencils,
and Stratmore 400 Series Bristol paper.

Traditional Art – A Rose named Geoffrey


Rose was a name he didn’t choose.
Rose was a name that was bittersweet – a name that refereed to a child and his sister,
The two who played daily, those who cared less about the world –
Not a bitter man, leading his men to die
For his selfish needs.

Supplies Used: Sakura Mircon Pens, Copic Sepia  MultiLiners, Copic Markers,
Sakura White Gelly Roll, and Stratmore 400 Series Bristol.

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Traditional Art – Kl2go!


Once a month, I draw a member from Rooster Teeth’s community site.
This month, I drew Kl2go! Who really likes Sprite as far as I can tell – which I don’t blame him, Sprite is freaking great. He also has an awesome shirt that I want/need in my life.

It explains everything ever.

If you’re curious about Draw One Member, check it out on my RT page!

ALSO check out my Parteon!

Supplies Used: Red Prismacolor Col-Erase, Sakura Mircon Pens, Sakura White Jelly Roll,
Copic Markers, and the Copic AirBrush System.

Traditional Art – Mailas’ and their Humans

img20160312 watermark

While most seen it as oppressive to them – for they are smart, conscious creatures – Mailas’ need companionship to be able to keep their animal-like instincts in place. Although many Mailas disagree with this, there are a few who enjoy the domestication.

 Ayyyooo! I wanted to draw Reyes and Clive together! Reyes is – in many of ways – Clive’s ‘owner’. They makes sure Clive doesn’t get too upset over small, simple things. For Reyes they gets grounded and “humaning: as they claims.

Materials Used: Sakura Mircon Pens, Copic Markers,
and a White Gelly Roll Pen.

Traditional Art – Hair Disaster


To this date, this is the first drawing where I have these following things happen;
Over-filled markers drip onto the drawing.
Four markers dry out completely.
Changing the floorboards to wooden planks to the wall.
A moment where I realized I truly – really – improved as an artist.

This was a test to see how much I improved from 2014…
And I say I improved quite a bit from then! The picture I re-drew is here on my deivantART page.

Materials Used: A HB Pencil, Sakura Mircon Pens,
a Sakura Gelly Roll pen in White, and
Copic Markers.

 A Speed Draw of this drawing will be posted on my Youtube soon!