Traditional Art -Late Night Meeting


The first, full finished illustration I made this year and it’s about Clio, Ucello, and the sky behind them…Sorta like last year, the first image I made last year was Clio in her room, getting ready with a bird Ucello. Continue reading


Traditional Art – Purple Flowers


All I wanted to do was draw Leah holding pretty purple flowers. I also wanted to do more watercolour work, which is something I love using more and more.  Its right up there with my markers, and I’m a marker slut. 

Leah loves flowers, she loves all things nature-y and she’d defiantly be a Earth or flora related mage. Using the Earth she loves to help and protect her and her loved ones. ❤

Media Used: Cason XL Watercolour Paper, 2H Staedtler Pencil, Reeves Watercolours,
and Prima watercolours.

Traditional Art – Magic + Comfort


Okay, look, I know on Patreon I said I wouldn’t name it what it’s named — but, hey, it stuck, and I have no idea what else to name it.

It’s Akina and Niththal! Two of my Dragon Age fan-characters, both Circle Mages. Niththal is 6 years older than Akina, so he gains a sorta brotherly-like relationship for her.

…At least, for the first few years of their time together, they later become lovers before Akina was drafted by the Grey Wardens. Their romance was short lived, for sure. (And sorta one-sided, but– )

Supplies Used: Primsacolor Primier Coloured Pencils,
and Stratmore 400 Series Bristol paper.