Traditional Art – Purple Flowers


All I wanted to do was draw Leah holding pretty purple flowers. I also wanted to do more watercolour work, which is something I love using more and more.  Its right up there with my markers, and I’m a marker slut. 

Leah loves flowers, she loves all things nature-y and she’d defiantly be a Earth or flora related mage. Using the Earth she loves to help and protect her and her loved ones. ❤

Media Used: Cason XL Watercolour Paper, 2H Staedtler Pencil, Reeves Watercolours,
and Prima watercolours.


❝Thank you!❞ – Last Page of Sketchbook


Materials Used: STAEDTLER 2H Lead Pencil,  FW Liquid Acrylic Black Ink
Student Grade Watercolor, Primsacolor Color Pencils, Crayola Crayons
and Sakura White GellyRoll Pen.

Just quick watercolour + inks + colour pencil drawing I did for the last page of my sketchbook. I started it at around 5/9/14 and it competed it sketchbook task on 10/3/15. I’m normally faster with my sketchbooks, but hey; at times you need to take your time ya’know?
I know for the next one I’m going to be doing A LOT more practice sketches, concept sketches, and studies than this one. Goals are what I need! Yesss!!

I honestly have nothing to say about the picture; I wanted to use inks and watercolour with some colour pencils. That’s it.